8:00-9:30 Preparation for the day. Arrival of the Children. 

9:30 (Morning admission inspection) Cot/Crib rest for children requiring additional sleep

10:00-11:30Free Play (guided activities) Snack Time- Fruit or Vegetables, small sandwich or snack that parent brought


*Crayon Coloring


*Book Browsing


*Talking on play phone

*Cutting and Pasting

Remind children to go to the bathroom & wash hands-before 12:00 Lunch time 

12:30-1:00Learning activities or Outdoor Play (Longer in season) (English/ Spanish, ABC’s, 123’s, Days of the week, Weather, and Colors, Flash Cards use marker board) 

1:30 Remind children to go to the bathroom & wash hands

1:50-2:30 READING TIME, ART for older children for younger children Music time (Play with bells to musical tapes, musical chairs, little play piano, and songs.)

2:30 Nap Time 

3:00 Children get up as they awake individually. (Toileting/wash hands)

Clean up time and get ready to go home 3:30 Departure time – Check out by parents. Departure is noted by the Care-giver and communications are exchanged with the parents. Children are each given a goodbye hug. 

6:00 pm All day children should be gone. All evening children will do videos. Indoor/Outdoor free play, work sheets, work books painting, coloring, puzzles. 6:30 pm Snack time 6:30-7pm Indoor free play

7:30-special meal 8:00pm Clean up time and get ready to go home

We are very flexible with each children's schedule depending on the time they get here and how many hours they stay during the day                        

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