We follow closely the USDA Food Program Guide

The Menu is bound to change Daily. Please don't think we keep it this short. My Mom is a great Cook and she tries to integrate a lot of Veggies and Healthy food to her already delicious Home Made dishes. (not all of our food is Organic but we always try to make the best choice)

We are also open to any parents requests for their children individually, if they are "OKAY" with being a bit laid back on Fridays and letting them have other types of snacks for their Special Movie time on Fridays.

*Popcorn or a sugary snack

During Summer specially if we go out we keep them hydrated with water & Juice but we also give them cold J-LO or frozen Go-gurts or some fresh fruit to keep them cool.

Again the Milk or Baby Formula of your preference is of concern to us so when you enroll your child or at any point if you are going to change please let us know in advance. This way we can make the best choice together and always be well informed.

*NO CHILD is ever forced to eat

Usually all children sit at the table and we teach them how to eat properly and with good manners (in other words not to play with their food)

If you have any questions feel free to ask at anytime!

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